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Summary: OpenSTA is a free, open source, HTTP/S load, stress, and performance testing tool with features rivaling many commercial load-testing tools. When load testing Microsoft .NET applications with OpenSTA, one of the first issues that the script developer encounters is managing the ViewState parameter. This article details a solution for capturing and replaying with the .NET ViewState parameter using OpenSTA. It also discusses practical performance tuning issues associated with .NET and using "ViewState."


Written by Antony Marcano

OpenSTA is a commercial st rength performance- test ing tool based upon CORBA, and was or iginally developed by Cyrano. Running on

Microsoft Windows, OpenSTA an be used to load test virtually any application that uses HTTP/S. It uses a powerful scripting language called the Scr ipt Cont rol Language (SCL) which allows it to manipulate everything from dynamic values to byte-code. It is now Open Source, under the GNU general public license and is therefore FREE to use.

Microsoft .NET is growing in popular ity. The OpenSTA user forum and etest associates’ OpenSTA Technical Support team has been increasingly queried on how to use OpenSTA to test Microsoft .NET web applications. One of the first challenges that stump some OpenSTA engineers is how to dynamically manage the ASP .NET ViewState.

More information about OpenSTA and Microsoft .NET ViewState Tuning can be found through "Links to Addit ional Resources" at the end of this article. Click to read the rest



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